What is a Good Office Chair?


When you are in your office working for about or over eight hours a day, chances are you will spend a greater part of your day sitting down. It is therefore very important to pick the best office chairs for this purpose so as to avoid getting spinal complications or back problems. The good sitting position also saves you from unwanted stress like fidgeting all over trying to find a comfortable position in your seat, therefore, enhancing your work rate. Have more info and visit their website now.

What makes a good office chair?

  1. Good set height

A good adjustable height is mandatory for an office chair to be classified as good. Taking measurements from the floor, the seat should be at most 22 inches, and at least 15 inches as this is where most average people are comfortable with. With this height, you can have your feet reaching the floor flatly and at the same time not straining your thighs and arms as they would be in line with your office desk

  1. Good seat depth and width

For maximum support, a good office chair should be wide enough to cater for your whole body. The distance from the back to the front of your seat should be long so as to allow you to sit while resting your neck on the back side of the chair. Most importantly, the forward and backward slope should be moveable to allow you to adjust them to your desire.

  1. Good backrest

A good office chair possesses with it a good backrest. Mostly, it usually measures to a maximum of twenty inches in regards to its width. In the case where the backrest is not attached to the chair, proper adjustment ability is needed. In addition to that, it should be able to support your spine and your whole backside.

  1. Seat material

The seat material should be well padded. Mostly, this achieved by using cloth fabrics that breathe instead of harder surfaces. This enhances comfort throughout your work day.


A good office chair should have a good seat material, good armrest, good seat depth, height and depth and also good armrests and swivel. This is necessary to help you maintain your posture and seat the whole of your working hours without the feeling of fatigue from seating on hard surfaces.